Relying on your teammates

The thing is, you don’t want to rely on your teammates, just because something seems obvious or logical, it definitely doesn’t mean it’s logical or reasonable to them. I’ve made so many plays in my games that are good if everyone goes in and if we all commit but your teammates just don’t think the same and it ends up backfiring. It’s probably one of the biggest reasons you’re ever gonna throw in a game and most people take fights where you should win but the “should” is only certain if your teammate does their job and you have to assume that, they’re not going to.

Look for fights where your teammates make little difference to the outcome

You have to pick fights where even if you fail completely, you’re still going to win so the bad habit is making a play assuming someone would do something and actually help. The problem is teammates are not going to see the same things as you. They just aren’t on the same page so it’s probably going to backfire and end up going even worse. The only way to fix this is only make plays that will succeed if your teammate does absolutely nothing so engage fights that are 5v4 or a 5v3, where no matter how badly your teammates mess it up, you’re still going to come out on top.

Warding a bush head-on

It sounds a little bit odd but trust me, this is probably the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. There are 2 parts to this, one is warding when getting ganked and the other is warding in a way that will get you killed. So how many times have you walked towards a bush to ward it and the enemy champion is sitting right there. Everyone has right? But it’s so easily avoidable, even though you can’t tell, often the enemy laner will actually walk towards you if someone is already there. If you ever have to ward blind, then you should watch the laner while you’re doing it. The problem is you actually have no vision and no idea if anyone is there, it’s kind of a false illusion, just because you’re about to ward doesn’t actually mean you’re safe at all right now.

Track OP champions

Going into a new patch can be pretty confusing considering how much Riot has been pushing through lately, with changes to items, and champions and jungle as a whole.  This is why tier lists help me in keeping track of what to expect when entering a new patch since it shows me exactly which champions are OP right now to help me concentrate on my picks and also establish my bans. Separating the tier lists by roles, which are, Top, Mid, Bot, Support and Jungle help in focusing in a single lane quickly for a specific player.

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