The trakt does many things from tracking your viewing videos automatically to the upcoming movies and all other tv shows. So you must use the Trakt Tv Activate in your Device. So, in this article we are going to share you how to activate trakt tv on various devices.

The code works on various media centers such as windows, amazon alexa, IOS, VLC, Stremio, serviio, media portal, netflix, plex and also Kodi. So to get all the trakt features you must need to join in this trakt community and then you are the member of this community to have all the features in any of your favorite devices.

How To Use Trakt Tv Activate On Various Devices (Media Centers)

If you’re using different media centers and if you want to have all the trakt features then you need to use the trakt tv activate on any of your media centers. So we are giving the common steps which are applicable to every device, so use them in your media centers.

  1. First of all visit the trakt official website “” (If you already have an account then “sign in” otherwise you need to click on “Join Now” option)
  2. By using the “Facebook, twitter, google account” or any other accounts you can join in this community.
  3. Now enter your “User Name” and “Password” and then hit on “Sign In” option
  4. Then we have to open https // and enter the pin
  5. From now on wards you can access any of your favorite tv shows, movies and also many of your favorite videos.

These are the common and easy to use steps for every media centers like we mentioned in the above paragraph. So join with the trakt community and have more excitement with all its features including latest and even oldest too.

How To Delete Trakt Tv Account

The below steps will let you delete your trakt tv account, so follow them from the below lines.

Go to the “Settings Page” > Hit on “Disable Account” > “Your Trakt Account Has Been Deleted” pop up will be appear.

That’s all with the above simple method we can easiy delete our trakt account permanently as soon as possible. So no need to take any more extra time to uninstall trakt from your media center.

What Are The Trakt Tv Activate Benefits

Trakt tv activate has lots of benefits like we can connect our trakt account with the community developed apps and also we can make our personnel community with the help of our followers and friends..etc

Also the below benefits can get by the trakt users. We are going to mention them in the below lines step by step, so read them and you will be the person one who has best knowledge about the trakt and you can be free to use your trakt account.

These are the best and well known features for all trakt tv users. if you are using the trakt activate code you also can get the above features and then you can even enjoy what ever you have missed while using your media center with out had the trakt account.


This is the some explanation of the trakt tv activate device, if you feel happy with this article just make a comment with your feed back and we will be happy if you have benefited with this article.

If you want to ask any queries related to your trakt community and also about your trakt account, you can ask to us and we will give the best suggestion for your queries, so feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

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