Every player of the soccer game has this question in their mind. How To Import Kits in Dream League soccer. To provide you the complete procedure to import the DLS kit, you reach the ideal place. As in every game, you are having a fantastic experience when you are playing the game by using the DLS kit for their favorite team whatever the player is supporting for.

There is no need to tell you why you want to import this DLS kit with your team. At this point, if you are a DLS player and supporting any country. Then you should use this DLS kit to dress up your player in a realistic style. Well, Let me tell you that what this DLS contain then you can import this easily. It contains the Home kit, Away kit, Goalkeeper Home Kit, Goalkeeper away Kit and the country logo. Thus, your player will resemble a genuine player of soccer which playing for your country. Without wasting a single second, Go through the procedure to import this DLS Kit for your favorite team.

Through this DLS Kit, the players will feel comfortable that means every player can select their team and their suitable DLS kit with the name of the team with the proper dress and the logo on it. To import this DLS kit, you first know the process that how you can import this DLS kit. For this, we are providing you the easy and best way to import this kit in your favorite team.

How To Import Kits in Dream League Soccer? [ Guide]

Here we will share the importing methodology that you can download the DLS Kit which you can use on your most loved team. You will get the chance to see your players in an authentic dress with the ideal logo then first you need to import the DLS kit by downloading it. The importing procedure for the DLS kit is given below-

1). Firstly, you have to get the DLS 18 Kit from this website.

2). Then, you have to copy the URL of the image from the above of the image or click and hold you will get copy option and go back to DLS 19

3). Now click on “My Club” and the “Customize Team” and Click on the “Edit” options

4). Then you have to click on the “Edit Kit” option and then “Download the kit which is given below”

Dls import kit

5). Now you have to “Paste the URL” that you have copy earlier in the box

6). For the confirmation, you have to click on the “Confirm” button which is given below

7). In the last, you can see the “Kit is successfully added”

Since it is the best way to dress up your players in an appropriate way. I don’t assume that without an appropriate dress and logo you can get the Feel of the game. By following the above procedure, You will get everything that will make you a great team player.

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