Vshare eu is an extremely popular and big video hosting and streaming server which allows its users to watch various movies or TV shows for no cost. It is one of the safest video servers on Kodi and you are very less likely to face any privacy breaches compared to other servers. Recently Vshare.eu/pair has been facing issues when accessed by users on Kodi. These issues mainly consist of pop-ups that do not allow you to watch any video using their sources because of stream authorization errors.

This can be easily fixed by using the Vshare eu pair method, after which you can easily watch your favourite movie or TV show through Vshare eu. Today you will learn how you can Vshare pair Kodi very easily.

Guide to fix Vshare.eu/pair Streaming Authorization On kodi

Step 1 : Open the latest Version of Kodi installed on your device so we can get started with the Vshare eu pair.

Step 2 : Search for Video add-ons in the Kodi home screen and select your favourite video add-on which you mainly use for watching your favourite video content, like movies and TV shows.

Step 3 : We must now try to make the error appear again so we can diagnose it.

Step 4 : Select any video hosted by Vshare eu after choosing one of the movies or tv shows.

Step 5 : Now you will get a pop up message showing the error “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required.” We can simply fix this by using the vshare pair method and pairing our IP address with vshare.eu/pair.

Step 6 : We can begin pairing by going to the website https://vshare.eu/pair in our web browser with the latest version installed.

Step 7 : Go make a new account at Vshare eu by clicking on the sign up option.

Step 8 : Enter the correct information they ask like email and country and do not try to enter fake information.

Step 9 : Once you finish signing up, they will send you a verification link in your email to verify your newly created account. Make sure to verify the account by clicking on the link sent in your email id.

Step 10: After finishing verification of your account, click sign in option to login and enter the login credentials.

Step 11 : Go to the home page of the website and click the verification box to complete the captcha they might provide to prove that you are not a robot.

Step 12 : After finishing verification and confirming that you are not a robot, click on the Activate Streaming option.

vshare pair kodi

Image Source: https://vshare.eu/pair

Step 13 : Go back to your Kodi application, you will see a new pop up has arrived with a message saying the pairing was successful.

Step 14 : Now you are free to watch any video content, such as movies, tv shows, podcasts etc from Vshare eu sources without any interruptions since you have paired your IP address with Vshare eu.

Final Words

We hope this was able to educate you about the method of Vshare pair. For any more kodi related guides, you can check other sections of our website. Leave a comment down below if you have any queries and we will get back to you.

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