Usually, the remote manufacturer will assign unique codes to connect the remote to the particular device. These codes recognize the device and enable the settings in the remote control. AVTC universal remote has a few types of codes which you must use during remote programming. Through this post, I will tell you AVTC universal remote codes and programming instructions.

Programming AVTC Universal Remote with Codes

Find the codes from the code list assigned for your device before connecting your remote to the device. If you notice multiple codes assigned for a single device, note down all the codes and try them until your remote is programmed successfully. Follow the instructions below to program the AVTC universal remote using codes.

  1. Turn on the device you wish to control using AVTC universal remote and insert new batteries into the remote control.
  2. Hold the “SET” button until the LED lamp glows up. If the remote doesn’t have a “SET” button, press the corresponding device key, such as TV, DVD, VCR, or any other device, until the LED lamp stays solid.
  3. Now, your remote is in learning mode, which allows the remote to enter a code to connect the remote to the specific device.
  4. Enter the code on your remote. The LED lamp will turn off if the code is correct. If the LED lamp blinks several times and stays solid, enter the remaining codes until the LED lamp turns off.

Next, check the AVTC universal remote control buttons to control the corresponding device.

If the device responds to the AVTC remote, you are set correctly. If not, try to reprogram the remote from Step 2

AVTC Universal Tv Remote Codes List

The code list contains device codes assigned for the specific device. Find your device name in the code list and note the codes to program your remote. If the first code doesn’t work for your remote, try another code to program the remote when you enter the code on the remote during the remote setup that recognizes the device and allows access to all functions of your device.


LG (SET+1)







AVTC Universal Remote Rm-014s+ Codes List

AVTC universal remote Rm-014s code list shows remote codes to connect the remote control to your device. The AVTC universal remote has several codes, but you need to find the correct one depending on your device model type. If you pick the valid code, you can program the remote within a minute by following programming instructions.

AVTC Universal Lcd Led Remote Manual

AVTC universal Lcd Led remote manual show a complete user guide about the remote control. You can find the AVTC remote codes, programming instructions, troubleshooting guidelines, learning features, and more using this user manual.

How Do I Reset My AVTC Universal Remote?

You must reset your AVTC universal remote control when it doesn’t work after programming or stops working while controlling your device. To do this, remove the batteries from the remote for a minute and press the “POWER” button on the remote for 15 seconds. Reinsert batteries into the remote and press “POWER” again to rest the AVTC universal remote to its default settings. After resetting the remote control, you must program it using the codes assigned to your device. I have explained AVTC universal remote programming instructions earlier in this post.

Conclusion: AVTC universal remote can control multiple devices at once. However, you must program the remote using the remote codes while connecting the remote control to your device. As well as you can reset the remote control when it doesn’t work. If you use an incorrect code, the remote can’t control the device, and you need to reprogram the remote with the following code.

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